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Tell No One (2019)

Release Date : 11 May 2019
Genre : Documentary
Runtime : 121 min
Director : Tomasz Sekielski
Stars : Franciszek Cybula, Irena Drewla, Stanislaw Gadecki
Summary : The documentary follows the true and elaborate depiction of pedophilia in the Polish Catholic Church.

Schumacher (2019)

Release Date : 5 December 2019
Genre : Documentary
Runtime : 97 min
Director : Hans-Bruno Kammertöns, Michael Wech
Summary : Documentary on the life of five time Formula 1 world champion driver Michael Schumacher and his terrible skiing accident in retirement.

You Can’t Watch This (2019)

Release Date : 15 May 2019
Genre : Documentary
Runtime : 51 min
Director : George Llewelyn-John
Stars : Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Gavin McInnes
Summary : You Can’t Watch This follows the lives of five high profile conservatives and political dissidents banished from the online world. After introducing each

Liberty: Mother of Exiles (2019)

Release Date : 7 October 2019
Genre : Documentary
Runtime : 90 min
Director : Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato
Stars : David Copperfield, Stephen Miller, Tony Soraci
Summary : A look at the history of the Statue of Liberty and the meaning of sculptor Auguste Bartholdi’s creation to people around the world.

16 Shots (2019)

Release Date : 14 June 2019
Genre : Documentary
Runtime : 82 min
Director : Rick Rowley
Stars : Anita Alvarez, Dean Angelo, Alma Benitez
Summary : A documentary examining the 2014 shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke and the cover-up that ensued.

Swimming Out Till the Sea Turns Blue (2020)

Release Date : 21 February 2020
Genre : Documentary
Runtime : 112 min
Director : Zhangke Jia
Stars : Huifang Duan, Liang Hong, Yu Hua
Summary : Filmmaker Jia Zhangke chronicles his local literature festival in Shanxi, China which includes a multi-generational roster of the country’s most esteemed writers.

365 Days, also Known as a Year (2019)

Release Date : 27 May 2019
Genre : Documentary, Action, Comedy
Runtime : 99 min
Director : Dmytro Bondarchuk
Stars :
Summary : "365 days, also known as a Year" is a collage calendar of different film frames for each date. Day by day, 365 days in a row.

Speed Is My Need (2019)

Release Date : 12 December 2019
Genre : Documentary, Sport
Runtime : 75 min
Director : Mark Sloper
Stars : Shane Byrne, Colin Edwards, Leon Haslam
Summary : What drives these two-wheeled gladiators to risk everything? Enter the world of professional speed racing where your motorcycle and your mind must work

Here for Life (2019)

Release Date : 10 June 2019
Genre : Documentary
Runtime : 87 min
Director : Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Adrian Jackson
Stars : Jo Galbraith, Jake Goode, Richard Honeyghan
Summary : Here For Life is an uncommon story on common ground. Wayward, hybrid, tender.

Adolf Island (2019)

Release Date : 23 June 2019
Genre : Documentary
Runtime :
Director : Alex Nikolic-Dunlop
Stars : Caroline Sturdy Colls
Summary : Forensic archaeologist Caroline Sturdy Colls seeks out a Nazi SS camp constructed in secrecy on the British Channel island of Alderney during World War II.