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DeLorean – Living the Dream (2020)

Release Date : 20 April 2020
Genre : Documentary, Biography, History
Runtime : 81 min
Director : Jordan Livingston
Stars : Christopher Lloyd, Claudia Wells, Jeffrey Weissman
Summary : Chronicles the history of the iconic DeLorean automobile from the rise and fall of legendary automaker John Z. DeLorean, to to the

Unraveling the Mystery: A Big Bang Farewell (2019)

Release Date : 16 May 2019
Genre : Documentary, Biography
Runtime : 21 min
Writer : Chuck Lorre
Stars : Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, Buzz Aldrin
Summary : Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco host a retrospective look at The Big Bang Theory, sharing backstage secrets, unforgettable clips, personal memories,

Blood & Flesh: The Reel Life & Ghastly Death of Al Adamson (2019)

Release Date : 16 July 2019
Genre : Documentary, Biography
Runtime : 100 min
Director : David Gregory
Stars : Al Adamson, Stevee Ashlock, John Bloom
Summary : Maverick indie filmmaker Al Adamson’s real life was even crazier than one of the 30-plus sex ‘n’ schlock drive-in movies he made in the ’60s

The Beast: When Eddie Met Arnie (2020)

Release Date : 1 June 2020
Genre : Documentary, Biography, Drama
Runtime :
Director : Matt Bell, Chris Fretwell
Stars : Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gabriel Luna, Eddie Hall
Summary : The World’s strongest man, Eddie ‘THE BEAST’ Hall has reached the pinnacle of his career and finds himself at a crossroads in

What The Durrells Did Next (2019)

Release Date : 19 May 2019
Genre : Documentary, Biography
Runtime : 47 min
Director : Toby Roebuck, Ewen Thomson
Stars : Keeley Hawes, Eamonn Andrews, David Attenborough
Summary : The Durrells in Corfu star Keeley Hawes hosts this documentary about the extraordinary lives of The Durrell family after WWII forced them to

The Metamorphosis of Birds (2020)

Release Date : 28 February 2020
Genre : Documentary, Biography, Drama
Runtime : 101 min
Director : Catarina Vasconcelos
Stars : Manuel Rosa, João Móra, Ana Vasconcelos
Summary : The passing away of their mothers makes Catarina and her own father meet in an emotional place that is different from the one most

Battle of Little Bighorn (2020)

Release Date : 13 January 2020
Genre : Documentary, Action, Biography
Runtime : 45 min
Director : Molly Hermann
Stars : Steve Alexander, Kirk Chapman, Ron Glasgow
Summary : The U.S. expands westward after the Civil War displacing the last of the free-roaming Native Americans onto Reservations. This show focuses special

Crazy, Not Insane (2020)

Release Date : 18 March 2020
Genre : Documentary, Biography, Crime
Runtime : 117 min
Director : Alex Gibney
Stars : Richard Burr, Park Dietz, Dorothy Lewis
Summary :

Sigmund Freud, un juif sans Dieu (2020)

Release Date : 6 April 2020
Genre : Documentary, Biography
Runtime : 98 min
Director : David Teboul
Stars : Mathieu Amalric, Jeanne Balibar, Catherine Deneuve
Summary : Using rare archive images and his letters, a portrait of Sigmund Freud revealing his relationship with his family and friends.

The Platform Master (2019)

Release Date : 31 December 2019
Genre : Documentary, Biography, Comedy
Runtime : 101 min
Director : Jeffrey Eugene Hoch
Stars : Nick Smith
Summary : Three filmmakers set out across the country to meet Internet celebrity and video game savant Ulillillia. When they arrived, his hometown was hit by the worst flood in