Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Send-Off (2016)

2015 Film
Emboldened by a sturdy frustrate whoop it up on the evening of their costly listing prom, a bracket of students reach one’s destination the dead night and the wish of surpassing their rural town with the industrial panorama that surrounds them.
Content : Documentary, Short
Run Time : 12 min

The Forest in Me (2016)

2015 Rebecca E Marshall Film
A fairy-tale with aspects to a Russian grown-up who passed through been alive unaccompanied inside the depths of the Russian tundra because the ancient times 70 days where she escaped also her head bask in Stalin's repression.
Content : Documentary
Run Time : 90 min
Country : UK

The Man from UNKLE (2016)

2015 Matthew Jones Film
Imagine you fell upon it everything at 21
Content : Documentary, Music
Run Time : 90 min | 105 min
Country : UK | USA | Japan

The Green Hell (2016)

2015 Hannes Michael Schalle Film
The Green Hell tells the yarn of the Nürburg Ring Race Track, the eminent racers such as Rudolf Carraciola as anyways as Bernd Rosemeyer as anyways as their legendary Silver Arrows.
Content : Documentary
Run Time : 90min
Country : UK | Germany

Black and White Stripes: The Juventus Story (2016)

2015 Film
Black along with White Stripes interweaves a set along with their team’s exciting glide to remember an still illusive players excitement in addition to chief moments enjoys their wonderful legacy.
Content : Documentary, Biography, Drama, Family, Sport
Run Time : 129 min
Country : USA |

The Art and Science of Sex (2016)

2015 Korak Day Film
The movie essentials with commenting to the characteristics of the greatest man furthermore person of mature age because Kama which is Love & Sex furthermore the…
Content : Documentary
Run Time : 90min
Country : India

Fire at Sea (2016)

2015 Gianfranco Rosi Film
Capturing survival on the Italian island of Lampedusa, a frontline inside the European migrant crisis.
Content : Documentary
Run Time : 90min
Country : Italy | France

Room Full of Spoons (2016)

2015 Rick Harper Film
A documentary around The Room (2003).
Content : Documentary
Run Time : 90min
Country : Canada

Gun Self-Defense for Women (2016)

2015 Derek Savage Film
Content : Documentary, Comedy, Horror, Music, Mystery
Run Time : 90min
Country : USA

Newtown (2016)

2015 Kim A. Snyder Film
A consider how the group of Newtown, Connecticut dawned jointly inside the aftermath of the principal ton injecting of schoolchildren inside American history.
Content : Documentary
Run Time : 90min
Country : USA