Monthly Archives: July 2015

Young, Welsh and Homeless (2015)

2015 Sam Smith-Higgins Film
Filmed at a deal since juvenile displaced masses inside Pontypool, South Wales. Having got hold of negative opinion relishes several of the community, they needed to advice their story, their way.
Content : Documentary, Short
Run Time : 90min
Country : UK

Katsuobushi (2015)

2015 Yu Nakajima Film
Washoku (Japanese cuisine), making been turn on UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list, has ascended…
Content : Documentary, Short, Drama
Run Time : 23 min
Country : Japan

Dodge Viper: DNA of a Supercar (2015)

2015 Mike Ruiz Film
The gripping tale of how a players of dyed-in-the-wool designers also craftspeople gyrated a muscle figure into a 645hp world-class supercar…
Content : Documentary, Short
Run Time : 22 min
Country : USA

The Kobane Press Club (2015)

2015 Film
For to a higher degree three months, the Kurdish Syrian periphery city of Kobane has been not unsleeping to siege by Islamic State fighters…
Content : Documentary, War
Run Time : 43 min
Country : UK | Syria

Medieval PR (2015)

2015 Valery Pereverzev Film
Each segment has its own Middle Ages
Content : Documentary, History
Run Time : 61 min
Country : Russia

Coureurs des toits/Roof Runners (2015)

2015 Helgi Piccinin Film
From December to March, Félix, Julien, Éric with Charles, plus the recreation of the gang of occasional blizzard fighters…
Content : Documentary, Short
Run Time : Canada:40 min (original version)
Country : Canada

Melody Memories (2015)

2015 Film
A mongrel between the Mad Hatter also Jelly Roll Morton, Mark Birnbaum is an outsider also talented New…
Content : Documentary, Short, Comedy, Drama, Music
Run Time : 45 min
Country : USA | France

Buried Alive! Joe Dante on the Premature Burial (2015) (V)

2015 Elijah Drenner Film
Content : Documentary, Short
Run Time : 90min
Country : USA

Stalin in Color (2015) (TV)

2015 Film
Content : Documentary
Run Time : 90min
Country : France

Alberto Mari: Disegnare la poesia (2015) (V)

2015 Tiziano Sossi Film
The poet Alberto Mari, published by Guanda, Mondadori, La vita felice narrate just about himself furthermore go through several of his poems also irony…
Content : Documentary
Run Time : Italy:55 min
Country : Italy