Monthly Archives: June 2015

Behind Closed Doors (2015)

2015 Paul Moakley Film
The originally photographs to draw the conduct of house violence elevated the question enjoys a inner most crisis to a public cause.
Content : Documentary
Run Time : 12 min
Country : USA

Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton (2015)

Release Date : 17 February 2015
Genre : Documentary
Runtime : 90 min
Director : Jennifer Stein
Stars : Aura Gutierrez, Tim Hicks, Otto Martin
Summary : Travis Walton recounts the now world famous 1975 UFO abduction and the impact this event has had on his life over the intervening forty years.

Never Kissed by the Queen (2015)

2015 Film
The fabulous intimacy problem between Martha Solomons, a humble semi-literate, Dutch-speaking female offspring of a freed Cape slave…
Content : Documentary, Biography, History
Run Time : 90min
Country : South Africa | USA | Austria

J'avancerai vers toi avec les yeux d'un sourd (2015)

2015 Laetitia Carton Film
Content : Documentary
Run Time : 90min
Country : France

Orange Grove (2015) (V)

2015 Dimitris Andjus Film
The ambassador of the Netherlands explains the ingenuity of those performing in addition to Orange Grove as nonetheless as the mindset in the rear of the glorious incubator.
Content : Documentary, Short
Run Time : 10 min
Country : Greece

Much Ado After School (2015)

2015 Film
An ambitious after-school time table brings out the inner Bard inside a make of South Bend students.
Content : Documentary, Comedy, Drama, Family
Run Time : 16 min
Country : USA

Ash Mountains (2015)

2015 Ivar Murd Film
Content : Documentary
Run Time : 90min
Country : Estonia

With or Without You (2015)

2015 Hyuck-jee Park Film
Choi loses two sons fancy measles also typhoon therefore gets rid of Kim because her husband's work with better half to stock the life span going. A documentary on the unbroken also cranky providence however behind the husband's death.
Content : Documentary
Run Time : 92 min

Over the Wall (2015)

2015 Roy Zafrani Film
A gigantic barrier stands between Israel with the Gaza Strip. One day, a coincidental appointment between Nathan with Khaled…
Content : Documentary, Animation, Short
Run Time : 90min
Country : Israel

Race to the Bottom (2015) (TV)

2015 Film
Content : Documentary
Run Time : 90min
Country : Denmark