Monthly Archives: May 2015

Great Brain Journeys (2015)

2015 Charlotte Hickford Film
Content : Documentary
Run Time : 90min
Country : UK

A Moment of Mishearing (2015)

2015 Don Boyd Film
Hibrow gives a trait facet show that explores Amit Chaudhuri's awakening to the parallels between classical Indian ragas furthermore western pop…
Content : Documentary, Biography, Music, Musical
Run Time : 90 min
Country : UK | India

Stand Down Tragedy (2015)

2015 Hadzi-Aleksandar Djurovic Film
Explores the assessment of another's decease inside the present-day world.
Content : Documentary, Short, Biography, Drama
Run Time : 5 min
Country : Serbia | Serbia and Montenegro

Here's a Story (2015)

2015 Ben Kaplan Film
Content : Documentary
Run Time : 100 min
Country : Canada

Straight-Six Blues (2015)

2015 Grant Robinson Film
Seattle filmmaker Grant Robinson classifications out on a solo assignment across the US inside his 1961 Ford Falcon to…
Content : Documentary, Comedy, Music
Run Time : 84 min
Country : USA

Tant Pis (2015)

2015 Bruna Rodrigues Film
When Wal, Junior plus Meg, get admit of selected to go off France to consideration at La Sorbonne inside Paris, they depart at the rear of the suburbs where they cast off to live inside Belem…
Content : Documentary, Short, Drama
Run Time : 26 min
Country : France

The Tenor from Abidjan (2015)

2015 Taneisha Berg Film
Landry Assokoly, a 24-year-old Ivorian, is on a research to change into a world-renowned Opera star. Despite a lack of formal work out also humble beginnings, he will withdraw his petite village to pursuit acceptance at one amongst Europe's conservatories.
Content : Documentary
Run Time :

Yallah! Underground (2015)

2015 Farid Eslam Film
In an area choked with tension, adolescent artists inside the Middle East taste struggled for the ground that existence to communicate themselves…
Content : Documentary, Music, News
Run Time : 85 min
Country : UK | Germany | Czech Republic | Egypt

A Painters' Country: In Search of the Group of Seven (2015)

2015 Phyllis Ellis Film
A Painters Country In Search of the Group of Seven follows authors plus desolate tract photographers Joanie plus Gary McGuffin…
Content : Documentary, Biography, History
Run Time : 90 min
Country : Canada

Way of the Warthogs (2015)

2015 Serge Bakalian Film
Content : Documentary
Run Time : 90min
Country : USA