Monthly Archives: May 2015

Journey to the Front (2015)

2015 Film
"All Quiet on the Western Front" writer-producers, Ian Stokell furthermore Lesley Paterson, commentary their voyage inside attaining the trait show onto the silver screen.
Content : Documentary
Run Time : USA:90 min
Country : USA

Enjoy Your Intermission (2015)

2015 Film
An in depth understanding about investigate a drive-in movie show inside its end summer of planning 35mm film.
Content : Documentary, Short
Run Time : 11 min | 13 min
Country : USA

Tripoli Stories: Land of Men (2015)

2015 Kelly Ali Film
Libyan gentlemen undergone hence immeasurable dreams vocation 2011 revolution. Whatever betided to them?
Content : Documentary, Short, History
Run Time : 5 min
Country : UK | Libya

Music in Mali: Life is Hard, Music is Good (2015)

2015 Aja Salvatore Film
Music In Mali: Life Is Hard, Music Is Good is a feature-length music documentary concerning the musicians…
Content : Documentary, History, Music
Run Time : 140 min
Country : USA | Mali

Cartas a María (2015)

2015 Maite García Ribot Film
Content : Documentary
Run Time : 90min
Country : Spain | France

100 Years of Ethnic Cleansing (2015)

2015 Paolo Mancini Film
Content : Documentary
Run Time : 90min
Country : Italy

Texting and Driving: The Deadliest Distraction (2015)

2015 John G. Young Film
Content : Documentary, Short
Run Time : 18 min
Country : USA

Untitled Student Loan Debt Documentary (2015)

2015 Alex Shebanow Film
Chained is extra a documentary film. Chained is a movement almost preventing the pricing-out of higher education.
Content : Documentary
Run Time : 90min
Country : USA

Naître pour renaître (2015)

Release Date : 23 January 2015
Genres : Documentary, Biography
Runtime : 6 min
Country : Canada
Director : Lydia Bwanga
Language : French, English
Actor : Liam Rodrigues

An Unknown Country: The Jewish Exiles of Ecuador (2015)

2015 Eva Zelig Film
Story of European Jews who fled Europe escaping the Nazi anxiety to make of safe haven inside an unlikely destination: Ecuador — scarcely seen at the time.
Content : Documentary, History, War
Run Time : 94 min
Country : USA | Ecuador